A clean car makes life feel just a little bit better.

Georgia and Florida’s premium express car wash can help you feel a bit less chaotic and a lot more polished with a car that’s clean and protected.

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Valuable

Kids and jobs and dogs, oh my!

It’s a whole lot of life happening. Running all over, getting it all done – it feels like madness. And your car is the epicenter.

  • Your family nicknamed your car 'The Trash Van'.

  • Fingerprints, footprints, pawprints. Everywhere.

  • That “funny smell” you can’t quite identify.

  • You are embarrassed at carpool pickup. With preschoolers.

Why Choose Us

Maybe it’s time for your car to be the ONE place that is neat, clean, and truly reflects your inner organized self.


(and kind of fun too)

Drive right up, pay at the kiosk, and run your car through the tunnel. Want to vacuum out the Goldfish and Cheerios? Make those car mats shiny and clean? Have at it at our convenient DIY stations. Use what you need. Or don’t!



Save money with an unlimited monthly subscription that pays for itself after 2 washes per month.



Consistent cleaning guards your paint job from permanent damage from tree sap and road grunge. Packages like Wax & Shine and Ceramic Shield provide extra shine and protection when the pollen and snow fall.

Car wash treatments to save your car and your sanity

Don’t waste hours washing your car with subpar soaps and products.

We have state-of-the art treatments that clean, shine, and protect your vehicle ... all in ten minutes or less!

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    Lava Shield

  • Wax & Shine

  • Rain Repellent

  • Bug Prep

  • Underbody Rinse

  • Tire Shine

  • Triple Conditioner

  • icon_shield

    Ceramic Shield

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Go Green!

We’re focused on eco-friendly practices – from conserving water to biodegradable chemicals.

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    On average, a home car wash uses 100+ gallons per wash and doesn’t recycle the water. At Camel, we only use 8-40 gallons of water per car.

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    We use state-of-the-art water reclamation technology to reduce freshwater usage and recycle 85% of the water consumed in a wash!

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    In addition to using only biodegradable and environmentally-friendly soaps and chemicals, we reduce pollutants by eliminating runoff.


Having a clean car can be the easiest thing you do all year.


Visit your local Camel Premium Express Car Wash today.


Become an Unlimited Member to keep your car clean for less!


Check “wash the car” off the to-do list in just a few minutes a week.

Looking like you have it all together feels like hard work.

At Camel Express Premium Car Wash, we understand the chaos of everyday life. That’s why Camel created a hassle-free, state-of-the-art express car wash designed to save time and money for our customers in Georgia and Florida.

With Camel, you can have a sparkling clean car, save energy, and look like you have it all together – in just ten minutes a week.