The Camel Premium Express Car Wash is your eco-friendly Express Tunnel Car Wash where customers stay in their cars and drive through the car wash tunnel for a quick 3 minute wash experience, then they exit and can use the Free Vacuums, Free Towels, and Free Mat Washing Machine before leaving. We reclaim up to 85% of our water which is great for the environment.  We also provide our customers with a clean car in less time and for less money than a full service car wash.  Why waste 20 to 30 minutes sitting in a car wash lobby when you can stay in your own car and get a clean car in less than 3 minutes?  We save you time and offer good value for your money!

We now offer the exclusive Ceramic Shield Package – a multi-step layering process of Ceramic coating to protect your paint from the elements. The Ceramic Shield provides hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine. In addition, we still offer our Lava Wash package that offers a superior clean and includes a paint sealant to give your car a showroom shine. Stop by and see what makes us different!